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Why choose The Meadows Health Care Center?

We have over 115 years of dedicated administrative team experience

We specialize in a high return to home ratio

We are a recognized by the Better Business Bureau

We are Medicare & Medicaid approved

We are on the board of directors for The Ohio Academy of Nursing Homes

I have heard about a Nursing home rating system. How does is work, do I view the same as ratings for hotels?

The rating system you are referring to is the Medicare ranking system. Each Medicare listed nursing facility is rated on numerous criteria (Health Inspections, Nursing Home Staffing, Quality Measures & Fire Safety Inspections) and given a star rating from 1-5 (with one being the lowest). Unlike most hotel rating systems that incorporate an onsite inspection, the Medicare rating system is based strictly on a formula that is given to each facility. The current formula while may be a starting point when searching for a nursing facility, but know that the number a facility has, may not be indicative on what kind of care and service a facility provides. Here are two examples of how a facilities Medicare rating may not be a accurate as you may like.

Nursing Home #1

Is a small nursing facility that has few beds and only accepts residents that do not require skilled care (I.e. mobile, alert, for the most part self sufficient). A facility that falls under this criteria under the current rating system would rate exceptionally well, because under the Nursing Home Staffing part of the Medicare formula they would score extremely high, even though the staff does not have residents that are very sick .

Nursing Home #2

Is a larger facility that accepts residents that have pre-existing conditions (I.e. released from the hospital, need rehab services or suffer from chronic disease). This type of nursing facility (in most cases) will have a staff that has a wide knowledge base on how to handle such cases. The current rating system does not take into effect, that a facility that has skilled care givers who handle residents with greater needs, must have the knowledge base to effectively and quickly care for a patient’s needs. Thus, the facility is “penalized” because accordingly to the Medicare formula, they do not have enough hours under Nursing Home Staffing.

As stated in the beginning, is the Medicare rating system the place to start? In short, it may be. But, the best way in making a choice on a nursing facility, is to schedule a tour of the facility and meet the staff. This way you can decide if the star rating for that facility is warranted.

What is the advantage of a nursing facility over independent living or home health care?

The range of housing options and varying levels of care offered within senior communities help ensure that every senior will find a perfect match–for their housing needs and for their lifestyle.

Independent Living Communities - Enable independent seniors to enjoy a lifestyle filled with recreational, educational and social activities amongst other seniors.

Assisted Living - Provides a special combination of residential housing, personalized supportive  services and care.

Nursing Care - Nursing Care, or Skilled Nursing Facilities, are designed for seniors who are in need of 24-hour nursing care.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities - Residential campuses that provide a continuum of care -- from assisted living to skilled nursing care, all in one location.


Home Care - Is a general term to describe services delivered at home to recovering, disabled, or terminally ill persons in need of medical, nursing, social, or therapeutic treatment.

Adult Day Care - Offer daily structured programs in a community setting with activities and health-related and rehabilitation services to elderly who are physically or emotionally disabled and need a protective environment.


Alzheimer's Care - Provides specialized care and housing tailored to the special needs of individuals with this disease

Respite Care - Short term stay, temporary relief from duties for caregivers, ranging from several hours to days.

How do I know when to start look for a nursing home?

When your loved one can no longer take care of themselves any more because of old age or a disability

How do you pay for nursing home care?

Private Pay - use your own funds

Commercial Insurance- insurance that covers nursing home costs

Medicare - pays for nursing home care (in limited cases)

Medicaid - a social worker will refer you how to apply for Medicaid

What happens when I run out of money? Will they kick me out?

When private pay residents have used nearly all of their financial resources, they become eligible for Medicaid. When they reach Medicaid eligibility, residents can't be "kicked out" of a nursing home.

Can I leave the nursing home and return home?

Nursing home residents who, following assessment from a physician and have the ability to make sound decisions about their own care, have the right to leave a nursing home.